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St. Louis Multiple Sclerosis Disability Lawyers

Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois SSDI Lawyers

Are you having difficulty doing your job due to the symptoms of multiple sclerosis? If you are suffering from this debilitating condition, getting Social Security disability benefits could be very challenging. It is crucial that you seek the advice of an experienced St. Louis multiple sclerosis disability attorney.

The lawyers at Crowe & Shanahan have achieved many favorable outcomes for clients throughout eastern Missouri and southern Illinois. We will diligently pursue the benefits you need.

Contact our St. Louis multiple sclerosis disability attorneys online or call us at 314-231-6660 or toll free 877-213-7793 to schedule an appointment.

Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois Social Security Disability Lawyers

According to the Mayo Clinic, multiple sclerosis (MS) causes your body's immune system to degrade the protective sheath covering your nerves, which can ultimately lead to deterioration of the nerves themselves.

MS has a wide range of symptoms, depending on which nerves are affected by the disease, and how much damage is caused. Some people with MS become unable to walk or talk. There is no cure, but symptoms come and go often, sometimes completely going away for long periods of time (referred to as remission). That causes the problem of sometimes being able to perform all the tasks of your job, and at other times not being able to perform any of them at all.

It is of the utmost importance that your attorney be specifically skilled and experienced at handling disability benefits applications for multiple sclerosis. Our St. Louis multiple sclerosis disability attorneys can help.

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