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Applying for SSDI and SSI benefits after a brain injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can leave a victim with a wide variety of very serious physical and mental symptoms, and in some cases, may even qualify a victim of a TBI for Social Security benefits. If you or someone you love suffered a TBI recently, you may have more available benefits than you realize.

Does pain impact loss of function?

You're seeking out Social Security Disability (SSD) payments because you believe you've suffered a significant loss of function. However, what you're wondering about is how the government technically defines loss of function. Does pain play into it, or do you have to physically be unable to move?

The subtle advance of a disability

For some, a disability strikes as a catastrophic injury or illness that leaves them no longer able to work. A paralyzing car accident or massive stroke. But for many, their disability creeps up on them, in small, seemingly unrelated incidents. While in your 20s, you injure your back, or break a bone in your leg or arm. That heals, but perhaps that healing is incomplete due to lack of healthcare coverage, or because you do not believe it to be very serious.

What happens during a hearing for SSD with an ALJ?

Once your application is filed with the Social Security Administration for benefits from the Disability Insurance program, you wait. Within a few months, you will receive notice of whether you have been approved, or like the majority of applications, been denied.

Can you receive both SSD and workers' compensation?

If you have been working and have suffered a job-related injury, you may have qualified for benefits due to that injury, such as workers' compensation benefits. Payments from these benefits can help you financially during your recovery from your injuries or medical condition, as they provide for both medical services and make up a portion of your income.

Caltech research making thought-controlled prosthetics a reality

Science has provided us with a lot of stuff. From computer gadgets to medicine, there is no doubt that our world would be very different without these advancements. But there is still one advancement some of our St. Louis area readers are still waiting for and it's something that will help them fully recover from their spinal cord injury.

What is bilateral optic atrophy?

The Social Security Administration's list of Compassionate Allowances contains more than a hundred conditions and disorders that not only meet the SSA's definition of a disability but make a person eligible for benefits from the government as well. But while some of these conditions are easily recognizable to some of our Missouri readers, there are probably a number that our readers know nothing about.

Aphasia: a little known condition that can make a huge impact

Most people take language for granted. A person's ability to communicate with others through written and verbal means is second nature and it isn't until after we lose that ability that we realize how important it was in the first place.

Increase in brain injuries creates cause for concern

Cases of traumatic brain injuries have increased substantially across America, causing a concern for medical professionals, sports professionals and the general public. Not only can traumatic brain injuries cause a dramatic effect on one’s immediate quality of life, they can also cause severe impairment and significant long-term effects, including dementia and stroke. Missouri residents suffering from severe and repeated cases of brain injury may be unable to work or provide for themselves due to these challenges. Some may turn toward Social Security Disability Benefits to provide them with long-term care.

Experts warn to watch for Social Security Disability overpayments

It seems one can’t tune into any of the St. Louis airwaves these days from more than five minutes without hearing about some new scandal involving Social Security fraud. People attempting to game the system, as well as shortcomings within the system itself that have led to improper payments have seemingly forced the SSA to tighten those qualifications for Social Security disability benefits for injury or mental illness even further. Yet these examples of fraud and abuse shouldn’t be seen as representative of the SSD beneficiary population as a whole. Most view these benefits as a brief form of assistance while they prepare themselves to be able to reenter the workforce after an accident injury.

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