Can My Family Get Benefits?

Your Family's Need for Social Security Disability Benefits

Securing financial support for yourself is vital if you are disabled. Your family members have needs as well, especially your minor children. At the law firm of Crowe & Shanahan in St. Louis, Missouri, we help not only you, but your dependents who may be eligible for benefits on your Social Security account.

Ensure that your family is provided for through Social Security disability benefits. You have an advocate at our firm who will help you through a complicated and sometimes-frustrating process. For immediate assistance, contact us online , or call us at 314-231-6660 or toll free at 877-213-7793.

Securing the Disability Benefits Your Family Deserves

At Crowe & Shanahan, our attorneys take a personalized, one-on-one approach with their clients. We get to know them, their families and the situations they have found themselves in because of a disability. The following family members can qualify for Social Security disability benefits:

  • Your spouse, if he or she is of a certain age
  • Your spouse at any age if he or she is caring for your child who is younger than 16 or is disabled
  • Your unmarried child (adopted, step or grandchild) under age 19 if enrolled in primary or secondary school full time
  • Your disabled, unmarried child, 18 years or older so long as the disability began before age 22

Financial Futures at Stake

A disabling injury changes your life and those closest to you. You are unable to work and support not only yourself, but also your family. The last thing you need is a law firm that churns out case after case, treating clients as case file numbers and not as people.

You and your family's financial future is at stake, so you need the personalized, one-on-one help offered by Crowe & Shanahan.

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For more information, or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding disability benefits, please call us at 314-231-6660 or toll free at 877-213-7793, or contact us online .

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