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June 2013 Archives

St. Louis Jewish community works to help disabled

In a blog post last week, we discussed the growing need for affordable housing for people with disabilities all across the United States. Today, we are happy to share that communities in St. Louis are taking action to help their neighbors with disabilties be able to live fully and participate in community activities. 

Feds urge cities to create more affordable housing for disabled

Living with a disability is not always easy, as many St. Louis residents know. Even when a disability can be managed, it often takes prescription medication, therapy sessions and countless visits to the doctor to do it. Unfortunately, these products and services are not free. And even though Social Security disability benefits can provide some financial relief, many people are still barely scraping by. For this reason, the federal government is asking communities across the country to help play a role in making things a little easier for people with disabilities.

Doctors say motor skills should be tested in well-child visits

When you take your baby or young child to the doctor in St. Louis, the pediatrician performs developmental screenings to ensure your child is developing properly. Historically, the screenings have focused on social development and language, but the American Academy of Pediatrics says well-child visits should be more thorough. 

How to know if you qualify for Social Security Disability

Many St. Louis residents have heard about Social Security Disability Insurance, but you may not know much about it beyond the fact that it provides financial assistance to individuals who have disabilities. Understanding some of the basics about SSDI, however, can come in handy if you are ever severely injured or disabled.