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July 2013 Archives

According to SSDI filings, Missouri fifth most dangerous state

There are a number of reasons why people file for social security disability benefits in Missouri. Individuals might be unable to work due treatment for a disease. They may be recovering from an injury accident or receiving treatment for a mental illness. In situations where an individual cannot work due to a severe medical condition, it can ease financial distress to know that a social security disability benefit check is available.

Job prospects bleak for people with disabilities in 2013

People with disabilities in Missouri often have a desire to work and to make enough money to put food on the table and make their family members happy. Those with disabilities face unique challenges that may be misunderstood by both employers and those who handle their disability benefits. Rather than treating those with disabilities as if they will fail if they attempt to find a job and work, it may be necessary for others to change their thinking completely and recognize that every individual should have an equal chance at success.

Mental Health Awareness for SSDI recognized in July

Because people in communities of color are less likely to know the signs of mental illness and the available treatments, the month of July has been designated National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. The idea is to help people in multi-cultural areas of Saint Louis and other areas better understand mental illness and obtain proper treatment that can be documented.

Former Missouri politician wrongly collected disability benefits

When circumstances prevent an individual from working due to an accident, medical problem, mental health issue or other disability, social security benefits provide a safety net. Society accepts that not every person is able-bodied and eligible for work, and in such cases, it is only fair to provide Social Security disability benefits to pay for life’s necessities. Moreover, in many cases a disability that qualifies for SSD benefits is temporary. In such cases, once the worker recovers from the injury or illness and returns to work, the disability payments stop.

SSA proposes changes to SSD video hearings

People who have applied for Social Security Disability benefits know that whether you are awarded benefits depends on how your claims hearing goes. Because of this, anyone in St. Louis can understand the importance of being prepared and appealing to the judge who is hearing your claim. In the last few years, however, there have been big changes to the hearing process that may give some an unfair disadvantage.