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According to SSDI filings, Missouri fifth most dangerous state

There are a number of reasons why people file for social security disability benefits in Missouri. Individuals might be unable to work due treatment for a disease. They may be recovering from an injury accident or receiving treatment for a mental illness. In situations where an individual cannot work due to a severe medical condition, it can ease financial distress to know that a social security disability benefit check is available.

Many people file for benefits after they suffer a work related injury. In fact, a new study recently published by Allsup, a company that provides social security disability insurance, found that Missouri is the fifth most dangerous state for workers. It should be noted that Missouri ties with eight other states for this distinction and nine states do not keep statistics so the designation is not quite as bad as it sounds. Nevertheless, the study suggests that Missouri employees are at a higher risk for illnesses and injuries than workers in other parts of the country.  

What types of industries and job sites are high-risk? According to the study, most people find themselves with a work-related injury necessitating SSDI benefits when they are employed by arcades or amusement parks. Next in line are workers in animal slaughtering operations, beverage manufacturing, foundries, and jobs in nursing homes.

In a situation where a person cannot immediately return to work after an illness or injury that happened at work, it can be helpful to consult with an experienced attorney. Legal counsel can explain all available benefits and review the necessary forms and paperwork that must be submitted to the Social Security Administration for social security disability consideration. 

Source: Time, “The Most Dangerous States To Work In America—And The Most Dangerous Jobs To Have In Them,” Gary Belsky, July 23, 2013

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