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Social security disability benefits possible after farm injury

While working in agricultural may seem like a peaceful job, the truth is that every year many people suffer farm accidents. Tractors are not always safe, and workers can sustain an accident injury when these vehicles overturn. Shifting grains in silos trap unsuspecting workers, farm animals step on or trample caretakers, and carrying heavy boxes of produce or equipment may lead to a back injury. Moreover, in modern industrial farms, workers can be harmed by exposure to chemicals used to treat soil and crops.

When a farm worker’s physical impairment prevents a return to work, it can be very stressful to pay medical expenses and bills. In such a case help may come in the form of Social Security Disability benefits. When reviewing an application for benefits, the Social Security Administration looks to federal requirements, such as:

  • The worker is unable to return to his or her job;
  • The disability prevents the worker from doing other work; and
  • The medical problem has been ongoing for a year, or will take at least a year to resolve, or is expected to be fatal.

Other factors considered by the Social Security examiners are:

  • The worker’s age;
  • The worker’s education; and
  • The worker’s job experience.

People who are unsure whether their individual situation will qualify for Social Security Disability benefits may find it helpful to consult with an attorney who specializes in this field.  Legal counsel can provide advice, guidance, organization, and assistance in order to properly complete the necessary applications and any supporting documentation.

Source: Aberdeen News Farm Forum, “Social Security disability after an accidental injury,” Howard I. Kossover, Aug. 16, 2013

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