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September 2013 Archives

Is the need for Social Security Disability reform on the horizon?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) was originally created to provide income for those in St. Louis whose earning potential is impacted either by retirement or disability. While a majority of the funds coming in from payroll taxes is currently allocated to the SSA’s retirement program, changes may be needed to increase the allocation going to the disability program to avoid the need for drastic cuts to those benefits that may be needed as soon as 2016.

Report estimates over $1.3 billion paid in improper SSD benefits

Qualifying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for injury isn’t an easy process. One has to qualify for those benefits according to the guidelines set up the Social Security Administrations (SSA). The SSA qualification process is very thorough and boasts a 99% accuracy rate in proper benefits paid. However, that isn’t to say that there aren’t people in St. Louis who are currently abusing the SSD system.

SSA benefits to same-sex couples still yet to be addressed

With the recent proliferation of laws recognizing the legality of same-sex marriages across the United States, many same-sex couple are now enjoying access to the same types of financial benefits from their spouses that had only been available to married heterosexual couples in the past. Those include insurance and healthcare benefits, hospital visitation rights, and so forth.

One of four 20-year old workers expected to become disabled

When tragedies occur in St. Louis that leave people with disabling injuries, consideration has to be given to how those who are left disabled and the families who relied on them for sustenance will be able to survive financially. Although in some cases, benefits and compensation are available through disability or liability insurance or workers compensation programs. Yet often injuries resulting in severe impairment are caused by conditions for which no liability can be assigned, such as natural and man-made disasters. In such events, people may wonder what other compensation options are available to them.