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Qualifying for SSD benefits for illness not as easy as many think

Very few people in St. Louis anticipate ever being in a position where they can't work to support themselves and their family. They're accustomed to working through minor injuries and/or pain, and believe that no matter what the injury is that they sustain, they'll be able to overcome it and continue working in the same manner that they always have.

A sad reality that many fail to comprehend is that most people who become disabled don't get there because of an injury, but rather an illness. Common illnesses such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes, or lupus can affect many of those suffering with them to the point of being unable to even get around normally, much less pursue a career. And while there are healthy living practices that one may adopt to help avoid some of these illnesses, other inherited factors such as a family history or a genetic predisposition can automatically increase one's chances of contracting these illnesses.

The prevalence of these illnesses in the U.S. is reflected in the number of people currently projected by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to end up becoming disabled before the normal age of qualifying for Social Security benefits, which is 25% of today's 20-year old population. Yet people may not be concerned about ever needing Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for illness because they believe that they will automatically qualify should the need arise. Yet another sad reality is that almost 65% of SSD claims are denied.

One will spend most of his or her working life paying into the Social Security fund; he or she hopes that will then be available to support himself or herself should they become ill and can no longer work. As was mentioned above, that's not always the case. If one is the position of needing SSD because of illness, he or she may want to work with a Social Security lawyer in obtaining those benefits.

Source: "Disability insurance is a wise investment" Julie Landry Laviolette, Sep. 28, 2013

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