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Social Security Disability abuse not as rampant as many believe

For whatever reason, there often seems to be a stigma associated with those who receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits in St. Louis. Many may equate these benefits to a typical unemployment check being collected by someone who just doesn’t want to work. Disability benefits advocates would argue that those who share this opinion simply aren’t aware of what exactly one has to go through to meet the strict qualifications set forth by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to receive this form if aid.

Studies show that over 57 million Americans have some form of a disability, and of that population, only 40% are approved for benefits. SSD benefits are not meant to be a lifelong supplementary income. Rather, they are intended to help those who will be unable to work for over a year because of a severe impairment to be able to survive financially until such time as they can reasonably expect to resume working.

Yet these benefits don’t come easily. Social Security attorneys point out that over 60% of applicants are denied during the initial application process. Simply because one may qualify for disability benefits through a private insurer doesn’t mean that they’ll automatically qualify for SSD benefits. The SSA sets its own standards in determining disability, and those can be much stricter than most realize.

This may be contrary to current implications being made that SSD benefits are being abused and that both recipients and attorneys are profiting off of a flawed system. While the argument for Social Security reform is not a new one, SSD benefits have provided and continue to provide a welcome financial relief to many who truly need it. Those finding themselves in a situation of needing assistance due to an inability to work may wish to speak with a Social Security lawyer to start process of filing for benefits.

Source: News 10NBC “Local attorney strikes back against Social Security Disability Probe” Lynette Adams, Oct. 23, 2013

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