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Research suggests certain groups more likely to get off SSDI

Countless people in St. Louis and millions more throughout the country receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Some may believe that those receiving such benefits are simply too lazy to return to work. Yet the Social Security Administration (SSA) follows a strict qualification process. Those seeking assistance must prove that they have a “severe impairment” that keeps them from working for at least one year in order to qualify.

Yet despite the time requirement, the SSDI program isn’t meant to provide long-term benefits. On the contrary, the hope is that recipients will eventually be able to work again. While some recipients never reach that point, recent research suggests that the nature of one’s ailment could help determine whether or not he or she returns to work.

After researching a group of former SSDI recipients, an economist from George Washington University found that receiving benefits actually helped certain people return to work. A common factor amongst those who resumed working was that many suffered from the same type of condition: musculoskeletal issues. Similar results were not seen in groups with other types of diseases. The research data also showed that first-time qualifiers were more likely to return to work than those who had to go through the appeals process. For each group, receiving SSDI benefits was believed to be the main reason behind the improvement in their abilities to resume working.

It’s unclear exactly why these groups appeared to be more capable to overcoming their disabilities. It could be the ability to pay for treatment or the peace-of-mind that comes from the added financial assistance. Whatever the reason, this research seems to support the idea that those needing disability benefits for illness may wish to find an attorney to help them start the application process.

Source: LifeHealth Pro “Disability benefits may help some return to work” Allison Bell, Jan. 27, 2014

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