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Proposed bill would allow disabled Americans more freedoms

Social security disability benefits supply many mentally and physically disabled Americans with the funds they need to survive. However, for some benefit recipients, the funds are simply not enough to allow them to save up money, hold employment and be functional members of society.

A proposed bill, known as Achieving a Better Life Experience, or ABLE, would make it possible for people receiving social security disability benefits to earn and save additional funds without losing their benefits. The bill would retire the $700 monthly restriction that is currently put on benefit holders, and would place any extra funds that are made into an ABLE account. The interest earned on the account may be tax-free.

A Pennsylvania woman, who is diagnosed with downs syndrome, is founder of the bill. Although, she is tired of living with her father and wishes to have a place of her own, she currently has to place restrictions on her income due to fear of losing her Social Security Disability benefits. This leaves her dependent on her family. After receiving more than 230,000 signatures on the ABLE petition, she quickly discovered how many other disabled Americans share her passion for contributing to society and living a more independent lifestyle.

Although Social Security Disability benefits are an essential part of the lives of many disabled Americans, the restrictions placed on the recipients may hinder their personal growth. Those who are seeking to apply for Social Security Disability benefits or have been denied benefits may want to seek the legal counsel of a reputable attorney.

Source: KSPR, "Disabled Americans fighting for the right to save more money," Blake Ellis, Mar.12, 2014

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