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Mentally disabled SSDI recipients given a new payer by the SSA

Social Security Disability benefits supply essential funds to Americans who suffer from a wide-range of mental conditions, including schizophrenia, personal disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and autism. The benefits also help those with intellectual disabilities. The Social Security Administration sends a monthly disability check to people who are eligible under the list of defined mental disorders. People who are unable to manage their funds due to insufficient mental capacity, may receive help from a third party organization.

One such third party organization has been closed while the federal government investigates an improper use of funds. With this nonprofit organization shut down, many people with severe mental impairment will be left without access to their Social Security benefits.

Due to a judge’s ruling, the Social Security Administration is in charge of locating new payment services for the nearly 1,000 people who relied on the organization to manage their benefit checks. This ruling is a huge success for the beneficiaries, as they no longer face the risk of losing their Social Security Disability benefits.

Before the ruling, beneficiaries were asked to find a new organization to manage their monthly benefit checks, or they would lose access to their SSDI funds. Most of the disabled Americans are mentally incompetent and unable to register for a new payer. Other recipients are homeless, making it difficult to contact them by mail or phone. Now the SSA will be in charge of finding a way to reach these disabled citizens and assist them with making the change in payer.

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be a tedious process for those affected by mental conditions. The legal counsel of a knowledgeable Social Security Disability attorney may be invaluable to those seeking to obtain benefits.

Source: The Oregonian, “Safety Net of Oregon investigation: Social Security Administration must find new payee for agency’s former clients, judge rules,” Kelly House, Mar. 26, 2014

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