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New conditions added to the Compassionate Allowances Program

Individuals who suffer from chronic and severe diseases rely on their Social Security Disability benefits to fund their costly medical care. Many Missouri SSDI recipients use the funds to survive on a daily basis, as they may be unable to work. The Social Security Administration is a key component in evaluating ailing individual’s applications for benefits, and determining whether or not their illness lies within the realms of Social Security coverage.

In some cases, the lengthy application processing period is ineffective for those suffering from severe medical conditions and disease. The SSA’s Compassionate Allowances program is way to expedite the application process for those who cannot wait for benefits. Using this program, nearly 200,000 people living with severe disabilities are able to receive the Social Security Disability benefits they need within days of applying.

In order to be eligible for the Compassionate Allowances program, individuals must be diagnosed with an approved condition. Recently, the SSA has added 25 new conditions to the list. This will dramatically speed up the benefits application process for thousands of people who suffer from these newly named conditions, which include various immune, digestive and neurological system disorders. It also names twelve types of cancer as eligible for the expedited process.

Social Security Disability benefits are available to people who need them. Since the application process requires precise attention to detail, it may be beneficial to partner with an established attorney when filling out your SSDI application. If your application is denied, you may be able to appeal the decision. However, getting it right the first time will save you time and allow you to get the benefits you need fast. A knowledgeable attorney may be extremely helpful in these cases.


Source: Marshfield News Herald, “Column: Helping Americans with disabilities,” Karyl Richson, “Apr. 1, 2014

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