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August 2014 Archives

Can chronic pain cause depression?

Most people face challenges in their lives that they must overcome in order to move on with their lives and become stronger individuals. But this can be difficult for people who are living with chronic pain. Fighting this oftentimes debilitating disease can take its toll on a person and may even lead to another disabling condition: depression.

SSDI options for those who are disabled

Missouri residents may not realize that their Social Security benefits could be a significant asset if not their largest. As such, it is important to consider management of these benefits. The potential benefits may be the greatest for those with higher earnings during their work histories, but management is important for anyone to maximize amounts received through Social Security. Social Security disability benefits are important because approximately 14 million individuals in the U.S. receive these payments, many times more than those receiving assistance through welfare.

Important Social Security benefits and details

Missouri residents may not realize that there are several different types of benefits available through the Social Security Administration. Understanding each of these may be important as issues arise in life, particularly for those who are drawing closer to their retirement years. It is helpful to note that not all benefits are retirement-related. For example, Social Security disability benefits are connected with becoming disabled at any age. Benefits for eligible workers are dependent on recent work and duration of work in one's past. A medical condition must be significant enough that it will last for a year or longer or that it will result in one's death. The SSA does not cover partial disability.

Understanding disability benefits through Social Security

A Missouri worker may wonder about what will happen in the event of a disabling injury or illness, and an understanding of the Social Security system might be helpful. An initiative has been launched by the agency to provide the public with a better understanding of Social Security disability benefits and common misconceptions. An estimated 9 million individuals receive benefits due to disability status, and the ages and backgrounds of these people can vary dramatically.

Missouri benefits may be delayed by botched program

In 2008, the Social Security Administration decided to update its computer systems in an effort to reduce the number of disability claims that had yet to be resolved. However, the program, which was named the Disability Case Processing System, has spent $288 million since then, and an outside consulting firm said that the program is two to three years from being completed. However, the agency also reportedly said that the project was two to three years from completion in 2008.