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Missouri benefits may be delayed by botched program

In 2008, the Social Security Administration decided to update its computer systems in an effort to reduce the number of disability claims that had yet to be resolved. However, the program, which was named the Disability Case Processing System, has spent $288 million since then, and an outside consulting firm said that the program is two to three years from being completed. However, the agency also reportedly said that the project was two to three years from completion in 2008.

As it is still in a test phase, there was no word from the Social Security Administration as to how long it would actually take to complete the program or how much it would cost to complete. Due to shareholder concerns and mounting delays, the consulting firm did an independent analysis to see what the problems were with getting the program up and running.

Its chief concern was that there was no one responsible for overseeing the project. After this revelation, the acting Social Security Commissioner appointed a person who was now responsible for making sure that the initiative was completed smoothly. It has been reported that the House Oversight Committee is looking into the program, which has been labeled an " IT boondoggle" by a California congressman. The committee wants all documents related to the program to be turned over by March 2015.

Those who have been injured and are disabled may be able to qualify for benefits under Social Security Disability Insurance. An attorney may be able to help a client who has had an application denied or that is still pending to get the benefits in a timely manner.

Source: FOX News, "Social Security spent $300M on 'IT boondoggle'", July 23, 2014

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