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September 2014 Archives

The Black Lung Benefits Act

As some of our readers may not know, in 1969, the federal government established the Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act. Designed to provide benefits to coal miners who had become disabled because of black lung disease, also known as pneumoconiosis, the benefits program was only supposed to be temporary, relying on each state to bolster its own workers' compensation programs to accommodate black lung cases.

Aphasia: a little known condition that can make a huge impact

Most people take language for granted. A person's ability to communicate with others through written and verbal means is second nature and it isn't until after we lose that ability that we realize how important it was in the first place.

Out-of-state case shows just how long some wait for SSD benefits

Frequent readers of our blog have seen us talk about the backlog and the long wait times for disability claims. But when we have talked about these topics in the past, referring to long wait times has sometimes come across as abstract to our readers. These topics have also rarely lent a face to the problem either.

Rare sleep disorder just as deadly as some cancers

Most people across the nation, including many here in Missouri, have heard of insomnia. It's a common enough condition that most people consider to be relatively benign and more or less treatable in most cases. But for people with Fatal Familial Insomnia, the term benign couldn't be further from the truth, which is likely why the Social Security Administration has this condition listed as a Compassionate Allowance.