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October 2014 Archives

What seems to be causing the SSD backlog?

As a recent Washington Post article pointed out, an appeal for a denied disability often takes longer than an initial application. With each appeal comes more time that a person must wait to hear back about their claim. At the first step in the appeals process, the average wait time to hear back on a decision is 109 days.

3 things that could affect your Social Security disability payments

Most people who have gone through the application process for Social Security disability benefits will more than likely tell you how complex and frustrating the process was. But along with telling you this, they will typically also tell you how grateful they are to be receiving benefits as well. That's because even though the process can be frustrating at times, the benefits you receive often make up for the headache it caused.

What is bilateral optic atrophy?

The Social Security Administration's list of Compassionate Allowances contains more than a hundred conditions and disorders that not only meet the SSA's definition of a disability but make a person eligible for benefits from the government as well. But while some of these conditions are easily recognizable to some of our Missouri readers, there are probably a number that our readers know nothing about.

5 body systems multiple sclerosis can affect

As frequent readers of our blog are well aware, we like to highlight particular diseases and conditions on our blog that are not only common among our readers but can be debilitating as well. One such disease is multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease we emphasized in an article we wrote a few years ago.

Important questions about Social Security Disability

Even though the Social Security Administration has tried to make applying for benefits easier in the last few years, many people still find the process complicated and sometimes difficult to navigate. This is especially true if an application is denied and an appeal is necessary.