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3 things that could affect your Social Security disability payments

Most people who have gone through the application process for Social Security disability benefits will more than likely tell you how complex and frustrating the process was. But along with telling you this, they will typically also tell you how grateful they are to be receiving benefits as well. That's because even though the process can be frustrating at times, the benefits you receive often make up for the headache it caused.

It's because of this that many people have questions about what can affect their Social Security or SSI disability benefits. It may be a concern you have as well, which is why, in this week's blog post, we wanted to touch of three things that can affect your disability payments.

One thing that could affect your benefit amount is a work pension. If the pension comes from a job not covered by Social Security, like some states or school districts, the benefits you receive could affect the formula used to calculate your Social Security benefits. Knowing how a pension could affect your benefits now will help mitigate the chances of frustrations later on.

Another thing to consider is any unemployment benefits you may be collecting. Unemployment can reduce Supplimental Security Income disability benefits, the program for very low income disabled people. Social Security treats unemployment as a source of income like any other, and that reduces SSI benefits.

The third, but certainly not the last, thing that could affect the amount of Social Security benefits you receive is when you file and for how long you were disabled before filing a claim. As we have mentioned before in other posts, the Social Security Administration may make back payments for up to 12 months prior to filing your claim. In order to receive these retroactive payments, your condition must have met the SSA definition of a disability as well as other SSA requirements for quite some time in the past.

Source: The Social Security Administration, "Frequently Asked Questions - Disability," Accessed Oct. 20, 2014

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