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January 2015 Archives

SSDI and SSI: two important disability programs to consider

From local and state governments to the federal government, there are a lot of public programs offered to the American people that can do everything from offering help with buying groceries to finding affordable housing. But there are two programs that we here at Crowe & Shanahan concern ourselves with the most: Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income.

House backed rule threatens to cut disability benefits

You may have heard that the Social Security disability trust fund may have less money than it owes in late 2016. Some might ask, "if tax dollars are going towards the disability trust fund, how is it running out?" There are a number of reasons. For starters, only 1.8 percent of the payroll taxes that are taken out for Social Security go towards disability benefits. Another reason is the fact that the program has been "paying out more than it collects since 2005." So far, reserves have covered the difference. Some experts say that this, coupled with an aversion to raising taxes, has left Congress between a rock and a hard place.

How much support can disability benefits provide?

Being unable to work because of a mental or physical illness or injury can be devastating. Not only are there often painful symptoms and serious conditions to be worried about, but many people also struggle with the stress of not being able to earn an income. 

What do your social media posts say about your disability?

For many people in Missouri and Illinois, as well as across the nation, social media has become a big part of their lives. Sites such as Facebook have allowed us to keep up with relationships strained by distance while sites like Twitter give us the opportunity to let our followers know what we're doing and our opinions about the world around us.