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March 2015 Archives

What is the real question we should ask about SSD?

You may have noticed discussions pertaining to the Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) program due to the impending shortfall caused by the exhaustion of the SSDI trust fund. SSD benefits are currently paid from two sources. The majority of the revenue to pay the monthly benefits of the 11 million SSD beneficiaries comes from the FICA tax. A smaller portion has been paid from the SSDI trust fund.

What if the SSDI program is not big enough?

Some arguments are better than others. A strong argument tends to be logical, and to provide evidentiary support for its assertions. Sadly, when discussions of the Social Security disability (SSD) insurance program occur, they are often full of weak arguments wrapped in innuendo surrounded by anecdotal evidence.

The race to the bottom

Workers' compensation insurance in the United States evolved out of the need to provide some predictable form of compensation to workers who were severely injured on the job. In the industrial era of steam railroads, coalmines and huge steel mills, injuries to workers were often horrific, debilitating or fatal. Injured workers and their families were often left with few financial resources.