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June 2015 Archives

You don't know what you have until it's gone

Many Americans can be dismissive of Social Security Disability. They are not disabled, and so they may feel the program is too big, too generous and because they are not disabled themselves, may feel the program is unnecessary or a boondoggle. They are unmoved by worries regarding the solvency of the SSD program.

Are you "Disabled?"

If you have worked all of your life, the prospect of no longer being able to work can be frightening. As fewer businesses provide significant benefits packages that include items such as healthcare and disability benefits, workers may find that Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is their only option, unless they have purchased their own long-term disability insurance, which few have due to the high cost.

SSA reverses plan to terminate SSD benefits for 900

Many aspects of Social Security disability (SSD) are painted with a broad brush. People make accusations that the program is too unwieldy, is administered poorly, takes too long to make determinations, is too lax, is too strict and is beset with fraud. While you may be able to find some support for these issues, to extrapolate them to the entire program is often inaccurate.

Blowing up a Social Security office won't help

Last month, a man in Florida plead guilty to criminal charges after threatening to blow up a Social Security office in the state. He had apparently lost his Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits and was attempting to intimidate SSA employees into restoring them.