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July 2015 Archives

Does Congress have a plan for SSD?

If you receive Social Security disability payment, you are entitled to work and earn up to the programs income limits without placing your benefits in jeopardy. That limit is currently $1,090 per month for Disability Insurance Benefits (SSI is different), and if you exceed that amount of outside earnings, your disability benefits will eventually end.

Why SSA may terminate your SSD benefits

Obtaining benefits for a disability that has left you unable to work for at least a year can be a daunting task. The application process for the Social Security Disability Insurance program can take a significant amount of time, especially if your initial application is missing medical documentation for your disability or has other issues that lead the Social Security Administration to deny your claim.

SSD benefit payments expedited for severe conditions

Cancer is a diagnosis no one wants to receive, but in the U.S., more than a million individuals receive just that dread diagnosis. A cancer diagnosis encompasses a broad spectrum of conditions; some relatively minor, while others are invasive and severe.