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SSD benefit payments expedited for severe conditions

Cancer is a diagnosis no one wants to receive, but in the U.S., more than a million individuals receive just that dread diagnosis. A cancer diagnosis encompasses a broad spectrum of conditions; some relatively minor, while others are invasive and severe.

With cancer, there are two elements that combine to make it especially challenging. There are the symptoms of the disease that may be somewhat disabling on their own, depending on the type of cancer. And there are the "side effects" of chemotherapy. As anyone one who has endured a regimen of chemotherapy will admit, the treatment can be almost as debilitating as the disease.

Treatment for cancer with chemotherapy can leave a patient exhausted, nauseous, weakened and unable to perform any work. A course of treatment for chemo can take months and this when you may need the help of Social Security disability.

The good news for cancer patients is that given the severity of the disease, they have a strong likelihood of being able to qualify for SSD benefits more quickly under SSDI's Compassionate Allowance program.

The Compassionate Allowance program encompasses numerous severe medical conditions and allows for expedited processing. This means you may receive your first SSD benefit payment within weeks, instead of the months or years some applicants experience.

The program does not require a special application. If you submit your application properly, Social Security's processing of your application will identify that your medical condition or disease is one of those covered by the Compassionate Allowance program.

For someone with cancer, the rapid receipt of SSD benefits can be one less trouble to worry about.

Source:, "Cancer patients may qualify for Compassionate Allowances program," Maria Diaz, June 11, 2015

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