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Challenges can arise for chronic pain SSD claims

Social Security disability benefits can help disability sufferers through some very difficult times. The income loss coming from no longer being able to work because of a disability can throw a person into financial chaos. SSD benefits can sometimes help disability sufferers with stabilizing their financial situation and covering critical expenses.

Unfortunately, the process of trying to get such benefits can sometimes be a rather arduous one full of challenges. There are very strict rules for SSD eligibility. Some types of impairments can pose some particular challenges when it comes to proving eligibility.

One such impairment is chronic pain. It can sometimes be difficult to pin down what exactly is causing pain a person is suffering from. It can also sometimes be challenging showing how much pain is impacting a person's functional abilities. Both of these things can pose difficulties when it comes to SSD claims for chronic pain.

However, this does not mean it is impossible to build a strong SSD benefits claim in relation to chronic pain. The challenges related to gathering supporting evidence for a chronic pain SSD claim are not insurmountable. Skilled SSD attorneys can help chronic pain sufferers whose work abilities have been impaired by the pain they are suffering from with the process of building up documentary evidence to support an SSD claim.

Our firm understands the SSD application challenges that can arise in relation to chronic pain and what it takes to properly address these challenges. We can provide disabled chronic pain sufferers who are applying for SSD benefits with close one-on-one legal support to help them fully uncover their options and assist them in their efforts to get the benefits they deserve and need.

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