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What benefits and coverage are available for the disabled?

As some of our readers can attest, some disabilities can be more financially draining than others. From numerous visits with doctors to expensive treatments, all of these costs can add up quickly. But in many cases, disabling conditions can force a person out of work, limiting their funds even further and creating a challenging financial situation.

It's because of this fact that a lot of people with disabilities ask about assistance programs that offer cash benefits to people who are unable to work because of their condition. But ask anyone who has ever searched the Internet for these options and they will tell you it can be challenging to get a straightforward answer, especially because every person's situation is different.

That's why, in today's post, we'd like to answer the question we're posing in our post title by looking at a few options people with disabilities in Missouri have.

Social Security Disability Insurance. Frequent visitors to our blog are well aware of the benefits of applying for SSDI benefits. But if you're new to our blog, you may not know that these benefits are offered by the Social Security Administration to people who are disabled, unable to work or are expected to die from their condition. Being awarded these benefits does require application and approval from SSA though.

Supplemental Security Income. This is another government benefit we talk about regularly on our blog. Though similar to SSDI, SSI benefits are not contingent upon a work history. An applicant may be approved if they meet the SSA definition of a disability and have a financial need for benefits.

Workers' compensation. Another benefit a person with a disability may receive is workers' compensation, which is a benefit paid to an individual who becomes disabled after suffering a work-related injury or developing an occupational illness. It's important to note, however, that the amount of benefits received from workers' compensation can affect the amount received from SSDI.

Medicare. This is another beneficial program provided by the government that offers coverage for medical expenses. People who are disabled can enroll for these benefits but must meet certain requirements before they are approved to receive them.

Private insurance. Another option for people with disabilities is private insurance. Though policy holders do pay in for these benefits, medical costs are reduced. Private insurance also doesn't disqualify you from receiving SSDI benefits either.

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