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Important points in a disability application

When a worker becomes disabled, they need financial help, and since most lack private disability insurance, it means they must turn to the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD) program to help keep a roof over their heads and food on their table. The application and approval process can be complex and confusing, but there are some things that you can do to improve your chances of your claim being approved.

Most people who apply for SSD are rejected with their initial application, which can be very demoralizing, especially when you are suffering from a medical condition or illness, perhaps with chronic pain, to be told that you are not disabled. You may know you cannot work, but you must convince the Social Security Administration (SSA) of that fact, and in terms of the SSD program's definition of disability.

To improve your chances of approval, there are some important things you can do. Because your disability determination will be based largely on medical evidence, documentation of your doctor appointments, medical treatment, therapy and prescription medications will go a long ways towards proving your case to SSA.

This means you need to have seen a doctor and have a record of medical treatment, and a record of following that treatment and taking the drugs prescribed. Remember, simply because a doctor says you are disabled does not ensure an approval for SSD; you must meet the SSD definition of disability to have your benefits approved.

Because your medical history may be complex, such as in cases of degenerative diseases, or multiple conditions that have contributed to your disability, working with an attorney can relieve some of the stress of the application process. An attorney's experience will help them review your situation, and they can assemble your documents to make a compelling application.

By having a complete medical record that shows your physical and/or mental condition, the types of treatments, surgeries or therapy you have undergone and the medication you are taking, will all help to demonstrate your disability and should improve the likelihood of SSA approving of your claim.

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