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December 2015 Archives

What is a Continuing Disability Review?

The Social Security Disability (SSD) process has many parts. It begins with the application for disability benefits. This can be done with the online application or in person at a Social Security office. If you have a very serious medical illness or other clearly disabling condition and you have recent medical documentation that supports your claim, you may receive your SSD benefits within a relatively short time.

The complexity of the SSD application process

The Social Security Administration (SSA) makes an effort to make it easy to apply for disability benefits. There is an online benefits form that you can fill out to begin the application process. And there is a great deal of information on the website that can explain the process and terminology that SSA uses.

Dying to receive SSD benefits

For many, that's not an indication of how greatly they need their Social Security Disability (SSD), but a factual statement of what happens during their application process. There are those who have applied for SSD, and because of problems with their application, may be denied. They then request a hearing and have to wait again.