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Specific information can help your SSD application

When you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, a great deal depends on how well your application describes your disability and provides the medical evidence that supports your claim. Before you begin the claim application process it is a good idea to put together a list of the type of documents you may need, as failure to include the proper documentation can be a factor in the denial of your claim.

Because of the nature of a disability claim,  it can be helpful if you have access to medical records that describe a course of treatment you received over a period of time from a treating physician or other treating source. This type of medical evidence can show the progression of a medical condition, continuing deterioration or other impairments that indicate why you are disabled.

In Missouri and Illinois, the initial review of you claim will occur at one of the several Disability Determination Services offices throughout the state. Medical reports that will be helpful to the DDS examiner include your medical history, lab reports, a diagnosis from a treating doctor, your prescribed treatment, you maintenance of that treatment program and the prognosis.

Additional useful information, such as limitations on your ability to work or perform specific tasks like lifting, carrying, standing, sitting, walking, hearing or speaking, will provide an examiner with the specifics on how your medical condition affects your ability to work or as SSA describes, it engage in significant gainful activity.

This type of detail will help prevent your claim from being denied and improve your chances of avoiding the necessity of the long, drawn-out and often delayed appeal process.

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