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March 2016 Archives

What happens to your SSD if you become a stay-at-home parent?

Social Security disability is a complex program. It has many technical rules. They are technical in the sense that they must be followed, or the program will not work for you. To qualify for SSD benefits, it is not enough that you suffer a disabling impairment or medical condition and that you have been unable to hold a job.

Setting a good example

Disabilities cover a broad spectrum. Some workers suffer an illness or other medical condition that knocks them out of work for an extended period of time and it may be severe enough that they are able to qualify for Social Security Disability. However, with proper medical treatment and time away from work, which may have aggravated or caused their disability, they may regain the ability to return to work.

Never imagined you could become disabled?

Being disabled is a complex issue. Some people are born with disabling conditions while others suffer an accident, injury or illness that leaves them disabled. Many have objected to using terms like "disabled person," as it makes their disability their most significant feature.