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April 2016 Archives

Too young to develop Alzheimer's disease?

With early-onset Alzheimer's disease, it difficult to know which would be worse. Not knowing what is wrong and spend months or years dealing with doctors in an effort to find out why you no longer can remember important tasks or dates, or to be told years in advance that you are likely to develop the disease.

Department of Education to forgive some SSD program student loans

The complexities of the Social Security Administration's disability program are well known. Many apply and few are accepted, and the reasons are varied. Some may not understand the scope of the program's definition of disability and apply when they fail to meet the eligibility requirements.

SSD vocational job lists questioned by federal court

When applying for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits, you need to demonstrate to its disability examiners that you suffer from an impairment that prevents your working and earning a living. You have to show that this impairment has lasted at least twelve months, is expected to continue for that period or will lead to your death.

Should SSD become more adversarial?

One criticism of the Social Security disability process is the assertion that the Social Security Administration's determination of benefits for the claimant is one sided. While an applicant may obtain the services of an attorney to help their navigating through the process, it is said SSA has no similar advocate skeptically reviewing claims and looking to uncover fraudulent applications.

With some SSD claims, timing means everything

It's all about timing. When you have suffered a disabling medical condition and can no longer work, time periods can become very important. You have bills to pay and if you are unable to continue working and earning income, worrying about how you will pay those bills can become a great concern in addition to your medical worries.