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May 2016 Archives

Benefit payments to valid SSD applicants are important, too

The size of government is often overwhelming. The federal government's Social Security Administration (SSA) is a case in point. The agency is massive, as it must process and pay the billions of dollars in retirement and disability payments to millions of Americans every month.

St. Louis airport police left without Social Security coverage

The technical aspects of government programs like Social Security can be overwhelming to all but specialists who work for the agency that administers the program or who deal with the agency on a regular basis. What people may not appreciate is that these programs consist of layers and layers of rules and requirements.

SSD appeals process: from bad to worse?

It is well known that the Social Security Administration has significant backlogs in many parts of the Social Security Disability program. There are delays with the initial claim process for those applying for SSD benefits. There are delays with the hearing and appeals process and there are delays with the continuing disability reviews.

You get what you pay for

The Social Security Disability program experiences many challenges due to inflation. Inflation erodes the value of benefit payments to disabled workers. It also has eroded the value of the fees attorneys receive that assist claimants with their SSD applications, with appeals and any additional hearings that are necessary for them to secure their benefits.

SSA waits 4 years to pay man's back benefits

Getting the Social Security Disability Insurance benefits you deserve can take time and patience. Unfortunately, many disabled people in Missouri and Illinois have precious little of either. They need the money to make ends meet, because they cannot go back to work.