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June 2016 Archives

Illnesses such as cancer are covered by Compassionate Allowances

During June, we observe National Cancer Survivors Day, to recognize those who have survived this dread disease. Cancer remains a major source of disease in the country, with hundreds of thousands of new cases diagnosed every year. As with any serious disease, if you are diagnosed with cancer, fear, stress and worry follow. You not only are concerned about the type of medical care, your treatment and all of those unknowns, but you also worry about the impact of this disease on your family.

Lack of help at SSA makes claims process worse

Obtaining benefits from Social Security for a disability has always been a challenge. The requirements for eligibility demand a complex application be submitted. This application is where you describe your medical conditions to Social Security. This medical evidence is important in determining whether they approve your SSD benefits.

When you may not want to apply for SSD benefits

The interaction of complex laws and regulation can sometimes create unfortunate results for individuals. A case involving a postal service employee demonstrates how a seemingly innocent application for Social Security benefits ended up causing the man's workers' compensation benefit to become taxable despite the fact that he received no benefit payments from Social Security.

One solution for SSD's problems

Social Security's programs all face challenges. The retirement program is massive and has been expected to run a financial shortfall by sometime in the 2030s for decades. The payroll tax, which appears as the FICA withholding item on your paycheck, funds both the retirement program and the disability program.