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July 2016 Archives

Why was my application for SSDI denied?

If you have recently applied for Social Security disability benefits, you may think the hardest part is over. Indeed, the application process for SSDI can be difficult and frustrating. However, you could find yourself in an even more upsetting position if your claim for benefits is ultimately denied.

Study: Postpartum anxiety affecting more women than expected

Work and anxiety disorders don't fit together too well for most people. People who experience anxiety or anxiety-related conditions often find that they cannot continue working until and unless they can effectively treat their symptoms, which is why many people apply for disability benefits when they cannot work.

You can work and receive SSD benefits at the same time

Many people assume that those who receive Social Security disability benefits from the Social Security Administration are forbidden from working. As this thought process goes, if the person is disabled and is thus unable to work, then their SSDI benefits compensate them for the work they can't do or perform. As such, they aren't allowed to work, even if they could.

Social Security disability provides real independence for many

As America celebrates the Fourth of July and the Declaration of Independence, it's important to recognize the importance of programs that help support the independence of individuals, like Social Security. With the retirement program and the disability program, Social Security provides the basis for many Americans to remain independent.

Social Security Trustee's report shows improved SSD situation

The news from the Social Security Trustees is slightly better than may have been expected. The Trustees oversee the trust funds that provide a significant portion of the operating funds for the retirement program (OASI) and the disability program (SSDI). They issue an annual report and for the last few decades, they have warned of the eventual exhaustion of the trust funds.