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Why was my application for SSDI denied?

If you have recently applied for Social Security disability benefits, you may think the hardest part is over. Indeed, the application process for SSDI can be difficult and frustrating. However, you could find yourself in an even more upsetting position if your claim for benefits is ultimately denied.

If your claim is denied, you should understand that you do have options, like appealing a decision. However, first you should know why your claim was denied in the first place.

As noted in this FindLaw article, there are a few main reasons why a claim can be denied by Social Security Administration.

  1. Your application was wrong or incomplete. SSA has an enormous backlog of applications to consider, so if your application is missing information or if there are inconsistencies that warrant further investigation, SSA might simply deny it rather than take the time to clear up any issues.
  2. Your condition did not appear to be disabling. You may not realize just how much information you need to submit with your application, and many people learn the hard way that it is typically much more comprehensive than they thought. Without the appropriate medical records, medication documentation, statements from doctors and other relevant pieces of evidence, SSA may not have a clear or accurate idea of your condition.
  3. You are not eligible to receive disability benefits. Applications can be denied if you make too much money, if your condition is not expected to last a year or if you do not have the necessary work history dictated by SSA guidelines.

Once you can determine why your application was denied, you can assess your options for what to do next. Oftentimes, you can file an appeal. However, this must be done in a timely manner.

If your application for SSDI has been denied, discussing your options with an attorney sooner, rather than later, can help you make some important decisions on what to do next. Social Security is a complex system that can be overwhelming to navigate alone; having legal guidance to help you through it can therefore be critical. 

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