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October 2016 Archives

Congress has many options to protect Social Security

Many Americans worry about Social Security and the future. There is much concern that the system will go bankrupt. What, exactly, is meant by this is often unclear, but it seems to generally suggest that Social Security will not be available to pay benefits, either for retirees or the disabled.

No, a 0.03 percent Social Security increase is not a very large

A dollar doesn't go as far as it did at one time. A soda from a vending machine may have cost 25 cents and a new car or truck may have had a sticker price under $10,000. Inflation leads to prices rising and needing more dollars to buy the same products.

Medicare and Social Security Disability

An important benefit of receiving Social Security Disability benefits is Medicare. Medicare provides a variety of medical benefits to Americans age 65 and older. But, in the case of SSD beneficiaries, the benefit becomes available 24 months after you are eligible to receive SSD benefits, even if you are younger than age 65.

Why is Social Security Disability so complex?

It's a good question. Many of those who apply for benefits from the Social Security Disability Insurance program may feel as if the complexity is designed simply to make their lives more difficult and that the process is so complicated that the goal must be to prevent applicants from obtaining benefits despite their suffering a disabling impairment.