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November 2016 Archives

Putting it bluntly

Bureaucracies rarely like to state things in a forthright manner. Bureaucrats recognize they are embedded within an organization, and their progression "up the ladder" depends on their pleasing their bosses. This means issues are often obscured or numbers are manipulated to make situations look better than they are in reality. The Social Security Administration is one of the largest government bureaucracies, and its "bosses" are the members of Congress.

Does your SSD claim qualify under a medical vocational allowance?

The complexity of a Social Security Disability claim is often seen when a worker develops an inability to work but lacks a clearly defined medical condition or impairment that fits with the listings of the Social Security Administration. Those are typically severe impairments and the presence of one of them is sufficient to make it clear to the claims examiners that you will meet the law's definition of disabled.

What happens when SSA thinks you are dead?

The Social Security Administration maintains many important pieces of data involving most Americans. One of the most important is the list known as the Master Death File (MDF). Because SSA is responsible for paying disability and retirement benefits for millions of Americans, it is necessary that it keep close track of when beneficiaries die. Given the size of the system, failure to keep accurate records could lead to millions of dollars in overpayments from a system that is already financially stressed.

Always watch your earnings with SSD

Few people who receive Social Security Disability benefits ever become well enough to return to work. The reality of the application process is that most people who retain some residual capacity for work will fail to meet the demanding requirements of the programs statutory definition of disability.