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December 2016 Archives

Treasury places burden on the disabled with loans

Sometimes, systems are designed to be difficult. Consider most retail rebate programs. They require you send in various documentation, such as UPC labels and the correct form within a short time frame in order to receive the rebate payment. Most of this process is intentionally designed to be cumbersome and difficult, in an effort to cause many individuals to make mistakes, forget or simply abandon the process because it seems too difficult.

SSD growth is structural

A continuing concern for Congress next year will be the state of the Social Security Disability program. While they passed legislation last year that temporarily prevented a 20 percent cut to beneficiaries, Congress will have to deal with this issue by 2022, and it will be forced to do something with the overall Social Security system before 2034, or these cuts will be imposed on millions of retirees in addition to the disability beneficiaries.

Delays at SSA field offices grow worse

If you need to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, you will likely have varying degrees of frustration when dealing with the Social Security Administration. The agency is responsible for administering all aspects of the Social Security Act, including the Retirement program, the Disability program and the Supplemental Security Income program.

Misfortunes often comes in multiples

No one ever plans to become disabled. In case after case, you will read of how a string of unfortunate events can link together to leave individuals in difficult situations where applying for Social Security Disability Benefits may be the only option. A recent example is typical.

Disabled and strapped with student loans

Higher education is often held as providing the means of obtaining a job and greater income. It is somewhat ironic that in order to obtain a degree, many have to burden themselves with student loans to afford that education. This is not a problem if they find a good job, but such "good" jobs are becoming more difficult to find in our increasingly volatile job market.