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Some severe medical conditions may result in quick SSD approval

For many applicants applying for Social Security Disability benefits, the process is often slow. It typically takes at least five months for a claim to be processed and for benefits to begin. For many, it may take years, if they must appeal a denial.

But if you have been diagnosed with a severe or rare medical condition, that time frame can be considerably reduced. In most cases, a doctor's diagnosis does not lead to approval of disability benefits because the disability determination is more complex and involves numerous factors. However, when the disability is predicated upon some severe disease or medical condition, that diagnosis can lead to a quick approval of benefits.

These are conditions that can be affirmatively diagnosed with medical tests and often are adult brain disorders, immune system conditions and cancers. Because of the severity of diseases, like lung, breast and pancreatic cancer or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), the Social Security Administration works to approve and pay benefits to these applicants with a month or two.

For anyone diagnosed with such a condition, dealing with the rigors and burdens imposed by the disease are daunting enough. Working through complex and confusing SSD benefit program is one additional burden you do not need. The Compassionate Allowance program can help you get the benefits you need without the long delays often experienced by other applicants.

Of course, even if you qualify with a medical condition listed in the compassionate allowance program, you may be overwhelmed by your health concerns and having an attorney who can take the bureaucratic burdens off your shoulders can be very helpful. For any applicant for SSD benefits, having the guidance and help of someone who knows the process can prevent unnecessary delays from making your application and your life more difficult.

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