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It's different when it happens to you

Healthcare is always a personal experience. You may read of the experience of others, but it is never quite the same thing, as when you experience yourself. For some medical conditions, like heart disease, cancer or Alzheimer's, you can imagine the stress and the fear that someone else may feel after being diagnosed, but nothing can fully prepare you to deal with it when it becomes all too real.

With many of these conditions, the severity of their effects often makes dealing with virtually anything else in your life impossible. Your shortness of breath brings fears of a heart attack, the drugs during chemotherapy make doing anything beyond feeling miserable and nauseated impossible and with a dementia-type condition, you may find increasingly much of the world is missing, including your paycheck.

This is where Social Security disability benefits can become critical. When your medical condition affects your ability to work and earn a living, disability benefits can help make up for your lost income. Not all of it, but it may be enough to keep a roof over your head and food in your kitchen.

The process for applying for these benefits can be daunting, but fortunately, for those with these severely disabling conditions, your condition may be covered by the Social Security Administration's compassionate allowance program, which can greatly expedite your receipt of benefits.

Unlike many conditions, a diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer's can qualify you for benefits within a few months of your application. Given the need, this can be a tremendous relief and provide you and your family with some good news at a time when that may be in short supply.

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