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SSA terminology can be confusing

One of the reasons that many people look to an attorney for help in applying for Social Security Disability benefits is that the language and terminology of the disability process are not only complex but also confusing. You may read a question and think that you understand the question and how to answer it, only to find out later that your answer is incorrect and that you need to change it in order to be accurate.

For instance, the disability onset date is a very important date on your application. It can be misleading, however, as you may think this is the date on which you developed your condition that has caused your disability. Some conditions, like Multiple Sclerosis, may be diagnosed long before they become debilitating to the point where you can no longer work.

But listing that date on could lead to real problems for your application. This is because the DOD is supposed to indicate the date that your medical condition resulted in your becoming unable to work.

Stating an incorrect date for your alleged disability onset or making some other factual error on your application likely will mean you will receive a denial and you will then need to amend your paperwork. Denials often lead to the need for a hearing. Because of the long backlog for hearings, this is likely to add many months to the process.

Seemingly innocent mistakes like this can be costly and cause you much financial pain, as you struggle to pay your bills after you have stopped working. This is why working with an attorney can help, as they understand SSA's use of certain terms and can help prevent these types of errors from causing delays. 

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