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SSD for claims of mental impairment

Social Security Disability claims depend on evidence. This makes some claims easier to to be approved. For instance, an individual suffering from heart disease may have a well-documented medical record, complete with tests, treatments and other evidence detailing the observable physical toll the disease has taken on the individual's heart.

Similarly,  someone suffering from cancer may produce a significant record of X-rays, biopsies, and other tests, as well as a treatment regimen of chemotherapy that produces undisputable evidence of the disease and the condition in which it has left the individual. As unfortunate as these medical conditions are, because their manifestations are physical, they sometimes allow for a relatively rapid approval of the claim.

Mental impairments can be more challenging. This means claimants and their representatives need to be well-prepared to show ample evidence of the condition and how it affects the individual and makes it impossible for them to work and engage in a significant gainful activity.

You will need to show in your medical records and work history evidence of a reduced ability to concentrate, learn instructions, follow instructions and retain instructions. This can be demonstrated by documented incidents where you had problems with these issues at work or were disciplined or reprimanded or lost a job due to these issues.

Maybe your job history shows a record of numerous attempts at employment within a single year, with a common thread losing the job because you fail to follow instructions or due to an inability to work with other people.

Claims for SSD benefits based on mental impairments or conditions may require additional work in developing comprehensive documentation from your work history as well as doctor's diagnoses and treatments. Never missing doctors appointments and taking medications exactly as prescribed are keys to success.

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