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Can I get SSDI if my injury causes me to become depressed?

If you suffer from persistent back pain or some other chronic medical condition in St. Louis, you may also end up with a diagnosis of depression and anxiety. It is extremely challenging to try and live your life while struggling with the pain of an injury that will not go away. You may undergo therapy and medical treatments, and rely on medications to make your condition more manageable. However, those treatments are often not enough to keep you from losing sleep, experiencing poor moods and other limitations that affect every aspect of your life. 

Because your condition is so severe, you are not able to work. You are eligible to receive SSDI benefits for your chronic back pain, but you may not realize that you may also be able to receive it if you develop depression and anxiety. 

The burden of proof falls on you 

It is important for you to understand why you must back up every symptom and issue you experience with documentation. You cannot simply state in your claim that your chronic back pain has caused you to develop mental disorders. You must have documentation from your doctors and a formal diagnosis. It is necessary for you to follow every single one of your doctor’s orders and prescription requirements. 

You must prove that your injury and medical condition meets the Social Security Administration’s criteria for eligible impairments or that the combination of your conditions makes you unsuitable for employment. Any deviation from them can lead to complications with your claim and delay your benefits. 

Many SSDI applicants find it challenging to prove their chronic back pain and other ongoing ailments make it impossible to work. However, those who have mental disorders stemming from their debilitating conditions often find it challenging to tie their depression and anxiety diagnosis into their chronic pain claim and receive their benefits. 

If you believe that you have a mental disorder as a result of your chronic back pain and want to include it in your SSDI claim, consider speaking to an attorney for guidance.

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