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April 2018 Archives

Social Security Disability payments grew quickly since 2001

No one wants to think about a time he or she is unable to work and support a family, but everyone should prepare for the possibility. One of the leading causes of unexpected work absence, which often brings a drop in income, is a workplace injury that prevents someone from engaging with his or her job.

Mental health conditions might qualify for disability

Mental health conditions aren't often thought of as being able to qualify a person for disability. This isn't at all the case. You do have the possibility of qualifying if you can prove that you have a mental disability.

Know your rights when you are filing for disability

Most people want to work at their job and eventually retire. Unfortunately, there are times when an injury means that you aren't able to keep on working. Instead, you will likely have to file for disability coverage so that you can still get the money that you need to survive.