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Social Security Disability payments grew quickly since 2001

No one wants to think about a time he or she is unable to work and support a family, but everyone should prepare for the possibility. One of the leading causes of unexpected work absence, which often brings a drop in income, is a workplace injury that prevents someone from engaging with his or her job.

Social Security benefits, although usually thought of along with aging and retiring out of the workplace, is part of how we secure our careers and income in the event of an injury that prevents work as normal. The agency usually supplements worker's compensation and other forms of emergency relief.

An increase in applications to the Social Security Administration (SSA) for disability payments during the Great Recession created the impression the agency handles more of the money people need during recovery. A recent study, however, shows that states have not cut workers' compensation benefits relative to Social Security Disability (SSD) payments during the increase.

Studies show that disability payments take over in the circumstances that injured people cannot return to work. Since workers' compensation is designed to help people recover and return to work, disability often takes over when the goal becomes health maintenance. This responsibility is part of the cause of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments increasing 138 percent between 2001 and 2015.

People eligible for SSD or workers' compensation benefits may need to file a lawsuit to follow a denied claim to federal or state agencies responsible for payments. An attorney can help shape a claim into a lawsuit and fight for your rights to assistance during recovery.

Source: Business Insurance, "Cost-shifting between workers comp and Social Security disability disputed," Joyce Famakinwa, April 04, 2018

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