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What are the most common Social Security Disability conditions

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Firm News

Every human being gets sick at some time or another. If such a sickness is long-term and it prevents you from working, it will have catastrophic financial implications for you and your family. This is why the U.S. Social Security Disability system exists — to help you make ends meet if you’re too ill or disabled to work for more than a year or suffering from a condition that will lead to your death.

The list of qualifying medical conditions is extensive when it comes to Social Security benefits in the United States; however, in terms of the people who are currently receiving these vital government benefits, there are some conditions that dominate:

1. Spinal pain: The severe and disabling pain that can come with a spinal condition can render someone completely unable to perform any kind of job duty. A spinal condition can also be more than painful as it can lead to paralysis and an inability to move one’s arms and legs.

2. Heart problems: Sometimes, the only way that a person with a serious heart condition can continue live is by resting and taking it easy. There are numerous individuals suffering from heart conditions who cannot hold down a job.

3. Psychological illnesses: Psychological illness can leave someone disoriented or unable to cope with the complexities of human interaction. These conditions can also prevent someone from having the cognitive capacity to perform job duties.

4. Cancer: Cancer is often fatal or disabling in the way it affects someone’s life. When a worker is suffering from cancer, the best way to heal could be to refrain from work and rest.

5. Carpal tunnel syndrome: Although carpal tunnel syndrome is not fatal, it could prevent someone from being able to do the most basic tasks required for a job.

6. Obesity: Obesity is a problem in the United States and the health consequences of this condition can be disabling.

Are you suffering from a serious health condition that prevents you from working? You may be a good candidate to apply for and receive Social Security Disability benefits. Learn more about your legal rights and options now.