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Are you suffering from one of these disabling conditions

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2018 | Firm News

Did you know that you have a 33 percent chance of becoming disabled before you reach retirement age? Your disability might be temporary or permanent and may be due to an injury or illness. Here are the most common reasons why workers in St. Louis and other areas of the country could become disabled:

Arthritis: Arthritis is a potentially disabling condition that could leave an individual unable to walk, unable use a computer and in constant and severe pain.

Back pain: Many forms of spinal injury that cause pain could develop as a result of your profession. You don’t have to be working in a manual labor job to develop spinal problems. In fact, sedentary office workers frequently develop disabling back and neck conditions.

Heart disease: One of the number one killers in the United States takes time to claim its victims. Those who have heart disease could suffer from the condition and be too ill to work for many years, even decades.

Cancer: Of course, cancer leave its victims both disabled and can prove fatal.

Depression: When depression is severe enough, it’s literally impossible for the sufferers to get out of bed or function in a work environment.

Diabetes: Diabetes is a potentially fatal health condition that often renders its sufferers too sick to work.

There are many other conditions that could cause someone to not be able to work or result in his or her death. If the disabling condition prevents the individual for working for at least a year or if the condition is fatal, then it may be possible for those suffering from these conditions to obtain federal Social Security Disability payments to help make financial ends meet.

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