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Missouri struggles to finance federal guarantees for health care

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2019 | Firm News

Health care is one of the most important investments that people or their governments can make. It is comforting for workers, the elderly and people with lasting disabilities that the Social Security Administration (SSA) is prepared to offer them much needed financial assistance. Many also become concerned if the likelihood of a successful claim goes down.

Missouri is struggling with working out how to pay for its spending connected to the federal Medicaid program. The Show Me State is home to more than $10 billion in spending on health care and medical coverage for low-income families. An expansion of the Social Security program led to more people being eligible for Medicaid within a decade of the program’s creation.

The cost is growing faster than state revenue designed to support it. Missouri now spends nearly a quarter of its money on Medicaid-related expenses. The number will reach 30 percent by 2023 based on current projections. Some are concerned this will lead to attempted cutbacks of coverage or denial of claims to help ease the financial strain on Jefferson City.

People making claims for disability or maintenance payments from the SSA may need to prepare a tight application and be prepared to fight for in case it is originally rejected. An attorney can assist with either of these processes and possibly increase the chances of the claimant’s success. Knowledgeable and experienced legal representation can have surprising positives for claimants, especially when the SSA’s payments may be required for years or for life. No family should have to go without the support they need.