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Can you adequately explain the impact of your chronic migraines?

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2019 | Firm News

Despite your best efforts to maintain your job and lifestyle in Missouri while dealing with chronic migraines, you have no choice but to apply for SSD benefits. To stand the best chance of approval, you have to thoroughly and adequately explain how your migraines impact your life.

Yahoo! Lifestyle offers some tips. Keep these ideas in mind as you fill out your application.

Think outside your work performance

While your main reason for applying for SSD benefits is to replace the income lost because you cannot work, you have to think beyond how your chronic migraines impact your work performance. For instance, your migraines may keep you from fulfilling obligations with friends and family or your desires to earn an education. Maybe you cannot drive as well or as much as you used to because of your migraines or because of the migraine medication you take.

Consider your employer’s inability to accommodate your condition

When discussing the impact your migraines have on your job, touch on your employer’s inability to properly accommodate someone with your disability, if saying so is the truth. Certain physical stimuli, such as too much light or certain smells, may trigger your migraines. Proper communication could prove challenging if your migraines impair your ability to speak, write or send emails.

Note challenges in your day-to-day life

Do you find it difficult to properly care for yourself because of your migraines? Maybe something like household chores has become an impossibility. No matter how minor an inconvenience or daily struggle may be, include it in your application. You improve your chances of approval by giving specific examples that clearly demonstrate the overall impact your chronic migraines have on various facets of your life.

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