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Will I lose my benefits if I work?

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2019 | Social Security Disability

One of the important qualifications for Social Security Disability benefits is that you are unable to work. Because of this, you may wonder what happens when you can return to a job. This can be a scary idea because you may discover that you are not quite ready to return to work in Missouri or that you cannot earn enough to make ends meet.

The Social Security Administration recognizes that going back to a job is not always a guarantee that it will work out, which is why the SSA has special rules for this type of situation. You can work and continue to get your benefits for a set time. You will also continue to get health benefits.

The details

You can work for nine months and still receive your benefits under the trial work period. The nine months do not have to be in a row, but they will add up over 60 months. Plus, it only counts as a month against you if you earn over a certain amount or work 80 hours in the month.

After you reach the nine-month limit, you will lose your benefits. However, the SSA pauses your account so that if your earnings fall under a certain amount, you may get benefits. You have 36 months after you exit the trial work period to collect benefits for low earning months.

Do note that the earning limits and other details may change. You should always check with the SSA for the most current information and specific information about earnings during the trial work period and the 36 months following it.

Having the option to try out a job without the threat of losing your Social Security Disability benefits may ease your mind. In addition, if you ever need to go back on SSDI because you can no longer work, you may be able to resume your payments without having to resubmit an application and start from the beginning.